is not currently for sale


- about me

I'm an older gentleman in the USA, currently retired. I dabbled in web design for about 10 years in my spare time - with very little to show for my efforts.

- about

I registered with the plan to use it as my "flag ship" web design site. I thought of the short name "PGLink" as possibly representing "Page Link". I considered variations on the idea that I could play on the idea that I could build web "pages" and "link" them under as sub domains (ex: "") Well, whether due to a lack of experience, faith or ability - I never came even close to making that dream come true.

- To Interested Parties

As you may be able to tell, I am slow to take action on web business matters; bit of a procrastinator. Currently, as of February 2024, I have begun further research into selling or leasing options for this domain.

I feel this domain name has a world class quality to it with a great deal of potential. If you see this, as I do, you may want to contact me and I will contact you in return when I make available for lease or purchase: ( subject line: for sale or lease )

Thank you for your time and interest.