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Assorted Roofing Tools and Materials

Last year I finished putting on my new roof and now I don't have any more need for these tools and materials:

extension ladder   shingle hoist   ladder stand-off  
fall-protection safety-kit w/harness   Shingle Stripper  
coil-nail-gun   1 1/2" nail-coils   shingles   1" plastic cap nails   Used OSB

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Extension Ladder
20' Werner D6220-2 1A - Great Condition

This is a heavy-duty (rated for 300 pounds) pro-grade fiberglass ladder. If you know ladders you know that this is a hard working ladder. I bought it to re-shingle my roof. It was over-kill for what I needed, but I like the confidence it gave me; going up and down that sucker many, many times.

This is not a ladder stolen off the back of somebody's truck; I can show you my receipt. This ladder is in excellent condition (I'll be glad to walk thru a detailed ladder inspection with you; as I was trained many years ago.). If you go comparing prices at the store be sure to include sales tax (about $20)- which I won't be charging. I really like this ladder; hate to sell it, but I just have no use for it.

LADDER SAFETY! You (or someone next to you) can suffer injury or death if you don't know what you're doing! Please visit Werner Ladder Safety Ladder handling and safety is an important subject. Please find training resources and familiarize yourself with all aspects of ladder handling and safety.

See it at Werner's website

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

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Shingle Hoist
Will only lift about 80 lbs
Reach: worked fine for my house height (about 8 1/2' ground-to-eave)

I made this to save my back; instead of hauling shingles up a ladder. It's not all that powerful, but still much better than hauling over my shoulder.

Even if it doesn't work out as a shingle hoist - you still have the option of scrapping the frame and doing something else with the motor.

Sixteen feet long, this is an awkward, heavy beast to move around and probably will require a flatbed truck to haul it. I don't picture it surviving repeated, job-to-job transport.

I purchased the motor from Harbor Freight (440lb/220lb model #40765 Chicago Electric Power Tools). HF has a bad reputation for the cheap stuff they sell. This worked just fine for me, but I can't guarantee it will do the same for you.

Basically consists of: Harbor Freight electric winch that pulls a very heavy wooden skid over rails constructed of 2x4s. Do not operate "straight up"! You must operate at an angle because the skid just sits on rails (only held in place by gravity)

If the weight (and wood-to-wood friction - no rollers) is too much, it will auto-shut down and you will have to unplug it and come back after it's cooled down and try it with less weight (refer to manual; remind me to get the manual for you). You should always consider the length and gauge of your extension cord when you run something like this. If you came up with a way to mount roller/wheels on the skid - you could probably increase the load capacity significantly (could share some ideas with you).

We will test it before you buy it. This takes a bit of setting up - so only serious buyers please. If you just want to look at it and not buy it - that's okay, just tell me first so I don't go to the trouble of setting up a demo.

CAUTION! This is a "home-made" contraption.
Use at your own risk!!!

Here is the motor at Harbor Freight
If you read the reviews you can see what kinds of problems people had.

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

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Ladder Stand-Off
Werner Quick-Click Ladder Stabilizer (model AC78)

Sometimes this worked for what I wanted and sometimes - not so much; just depends on the surface you are working against and what might be in the way (gutters, windows, etc) and how well it works with your ladder (sometimes the lower part of extension ladder - base - got in the way).

It doesn't work in every situation - but when things "fit" it's a really nice thing to have.

See it on the Werner Website

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

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Fall Protection Safety-Kit
(ANSI/OSHA Compliant)
3M ANSI/OSHA Compliant Roofer's Fall Protection Kit

I didn't want to be one of those old guys you hear about falling off his roof. Working by myself, this gave me the confidence to work in some "iffy" situations (wind and rain, etc). Includes:

  1. Full body safety harness
  2. Shock-absorbing lanyard w/two snap-hooks
  3. 25' of 5/8" poly-dac rope w/ snap-hook
  4. Rope adjuster, chrome finished steel, spring loaded/locking
  5. Storage bucket, square with lid
  6. Manual

This rig will get the job done or you can buy it someplace else for $129 plus tax: Lowes

Manufactured by 3M (though packaged by "SafeWaze")

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

rf-5-28-13-693-cm-t (14K) rf-5-28-13-696-cm-t (14K) shingleStripper-t (23K)
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Shingle Stripper
MBI (Mislich Brothers Inc) Professional Shingle Stripper

I'm not a "pro" so maybe I'm wrong, but I thing this is a damn good tool and, sadly, I think they may have gone out of business - so you may not have much luck finding something as good as this.

Stands 45 1/2" tall (about the right length for me - 5'9"; working my way "up-roof"). Steel handle. Durable, comfortable plastic grip. The bottom is "wedge" shaped to give you the perfect glide-angle when shoving it under shingles. Then, after locking under the nails you push down / rock-back as the back side of wedge acts as a fulcrum giving you a perfect powerful lever to pry shingles and nails out of deck. I did all the tear-off of my house and garage myself with this tool. I was brutal to this thing and kept thinking it was going to get all bent up, but when I finished the tear-off and looked at it (see the "after" pics) all the nail grabbing tines look perfect! This thing is very heavy which I wasn't so keen on at first, until I learned to use that weight to advantage - gave me extra "slamming power" when I rammed it under the shingles. The trick is not to lift this heavy beast up; instead, get into the habit of sliding it - in both directions (ramming and retrieving). All those steel teeth acted like nail pullers and enabled me to get a much cleaner bite than a shovel or pitch fork (made for less follow-up cleaning).

Don't expect me to come down in price on this tool.

When I went to this Home Depot link it says they are out: Home Depot But, the 3 folks who wrote reviews (scroll down the HomeDepot page) seemed to think it was pretty good too; some excerpts: "...This thing is about twice as fast as a pitch fork. You don't leave the nails behind and the ones you do are usually cut off flush...this thing is built like a beast." Another reviewer: "You wouldn't think a shingle stripper was a very complicated tool, but this baby has lots of subtle features that make the job go faster and easier. First off, it's heavy duty and well built. The business end is made from thick steel and the back reinforcement is welded on." And, "This thing works awesome much better than the husky brand or plain shovel. pulls nails with no damage to plywood. Stripped roof literally in half the time" Three reviews; all 5-out-of-5 - now you don't see that very often (if ever). No, I didn't write those reviews - they all pre-date my purchase. Nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks this is a damn great tool.

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

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Coil Roofing Nailer
PORTER-CABLE RN175A 7/8-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch
Coil Roofing Nailer

I did a lot of homework before I bought this. For the money, I think I did well; it worked just fine for me. Every once in awhile (maybe every 300-400 nails? - can't remember) I'd get a jam. Maybe I wasn't using the gun properly? (since I have no experience) or maybe I was being to stingy with the lube? Who knows, but it wasn't that big a deal, for me; just disconnect the air, clear the jam and march on. Before you buy it we'll crank up the compressor and drive a bunch of nails so you can get a feel for it and see it's what you are looking for.

Check it out at Amazon.

What I like about Amazon is that you can see what real people think about this product. I haven't looked at this for awhile, but look thru the reviews and you will see folks point out that this nail-gun had problems when it first came out so new owners sent them right back. The fix (I forget what it was) was pretty simple. What this meant was that the guns, initially new, didn't get much use and when they were fixed and sold - they were practically like a brand new nail-gun (which reflects my experience - looked brand new to me when I bought it as re-conditioned). The users at Amazon also share opinions and discuss tips on how to get the most out of this nail-gun. Not everyone likes this gun; some folks like a heavier machine, but it worked for me. If you read the reviews you will see a lot of folks had problems because they just didn't read the manual. The manual is included with purchase (and also available online: Download Manual)

See it at

Parts and Support

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

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1 1/2" Coil Roofing Nails
Grip Rite - collated
(1 1/2", .120; 15°; broad-head 3/8" diameter)

19 coils (A box contains 45 coils; 19/45 = aprx 40% of a full case)

Coil Roofing Nails, galvanized smooth (Grip Rite - item # GRCR4DGAL).

These coils have always been stored inside - clean and perfect condition (still in the box).

a full case can run about $42

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

$30 per bundle
Malarkey Alaskan - 4 bundles - 22 shingles per bundle;
78lbs per bundle (3 bundles/square)

I don't think you can find these for under $36 per bundle. This is a premium shingle. Some folks will use these for ridges and hips. I "think" (according to some real quick math) 4 bundles (88 shingles x 3 tabs x 5.5") will give at least 120 feet of ridge-cap (but, you should do your own math).

Composition and Materials: The Alaskan is a mineral-surfaced, self-sealing three-tab shingle with SBS rubber-modified asphalt coating and fire-retardent fillers on a fiberglass mat. This is a very good shingle - and it ain't cheap.

  1. Color = "Silverwood" (a mix of shades of grays and silvers)
  2. Dimensions = 13 1/4" x 39 3/8"
  3. Exposure = 5 5-8"
  4. Fire Rating = Class A
  5. Hail = Class 4 (highest rating possible)
  6. 35 year Malarkey warranty
  7. Wind = 100 mph

You don't have to take them all, but if you do - I'll sell all four for $100! - Alaskan Shingles

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

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1" Plastic Cap Nails
Grip Rite 1" Round Plastic Underlayment Nails

SEE The Picture - that's how full the bucket is - I only took a couple hand fulls out of this 3000 count bucket (usually sells for about $26, plus tax).

Or buy it at Lowes

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

5/8" OSB
$4 each
Cheap alternative to buying new OSB for non-critical projects

I have 8 sheets of OSB (I'm pretty sure its 5/8") I bought to use for various temporary purposes like channeling the tear-off I threw off the roof. I happened to have some old latex paint so I painted the OSB to help it weather the weather a little better. These boards have been sitting outside for a long time. They are "bowed" and a little beat up, but I think they might be good for non-critical and temp purposes.

Buy one or more or none - you don't have to take them all, just pick them over and take what you want - $4 each.

Cash only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

I have receipts for most of these items - just ask (won't give you my receipt, but will write up a receipt for your cash).

Cash Only (no hundred-dollar bills). All sales final; no returns; no refunds.

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